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well i went down to st. joe this morning with glf and fishin machine to prefish for the brown blast ,and do a little shake down run and went 10 for 11

6 coho ,2 steelhead abnd 2 browns all way south of the peirs

sorry for the scetchy report but we where prefishing

p.s. if you are fishing for the west side in this, pm me and i will let ya now a little more

all in all it was a little slow ,we set lines at about 8:30 and piulled around 2

but it still beats goimg to work

here is a pic of today catch



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Actually we went 11 for 12 today. He left out the duck we caught. Some how the duck got wrapped up in one of the lines and took out our whole spread on one side of the boat. What a mess! The duck was released and flew away.

It sure beat being at work today!

Thanks for the trip Terry!

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Slow for us on the beach, took the girls and we fished there from noon to 4:00 and got one brown. They had fun so that was all that mattered. Had some buds on the pier and they got one brown, very slow there too. Only a couple caught on the pier all morning for a bunch a guys. Looking forward to splasing my boat but the night time temps lately are going to make me wait a least another week.

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Nice catch. I hope you guys burned out your luck:D

Heard from a reliable source it was slow way south today.

This weather tonight and tomorrow is going to screw up any pattern...except for the one the southern boys put together in the AM.

By the way...walleye don't count..trash fish:no:

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Hey Mike,

What kind of duck was it......:D Can you tell the difference.:lol:


I know it was not a mallard or a wood duck. It was brown, had a duck bill, and had webbed feet. :P

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