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once a week fishing league?

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Was just wondering about rules for once a week fishing contest. or league we only have 6 boats and will fish 1 a week for 6 weeks does any one run a any thing the same trying to get some info on rules .how to do it ??? do you do pounds per boat, or points per fish. any suggests would be welcome.:

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Caznik runs the West Michigan Fishing League off this site. We fish once a month. In his you weigh in your 5 biggest fish. You get 10 pts. per fish and 1 point per pound. The St. Joe league does it a litle different. There you can weigh in your best 1 man DNR limit. Over here that's 3 of one species and of any other species in combination. Example: 3 kings, 1 coho, 1 steelhead. They also have rod limits, 6 for the WMFL and 9 for St. Joe. This helps even it out for all of the boats.

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Zurmmy here are my rules for 2008:

Tournament Rule's

1- Must pay entry fee at 4:30am(If you cannot make it and you think that you will be late than please call my cell phone)

2- All fishing events start at 5 am and must pull lines at 11am.

3- Weigh in starts at 12:30(If you get called two times at the weigh in and you are not there. You will be DQed

4- Cost is $15.00 a boat.($5.00 of it goes towards big fish)

5- All boats must only use 6 rods

6- 2-4 Man teams(If you have 4 or more fishermen in your boat as a team you can only catch a 3 MAN LIMIT)

7- Weigh in 5 fish of any kind (Salmon, Coho, Steelheads, Browns, and Lakers)

8- Each fish you bring in at the weigh in is 10 points each.(Up to 5 fish)

9- Make sure when you weigh your big fish for the big fish prize money that you know what fish is your biggest.(NO CHECKING AT THE SCALES)

10- NO - CULL RULE- If you net the fish or box the fish you must keep the fish. There will be no more throwing back fish or less they are under size. If you limit out on kings you might as well go in, because you are most likely to get kings most of the time anyways. Remember your fish counts as 10 points now and it does not matter what fish you get.

11- All captains that fish any event must sign a waiver form before they fish any event. You only have to sign it one time and it will cover you for all five events.

This was my old rules that was very fun to back about 3 years ago:

- Meet at 4:30am to pay

2- Cost will be $15.00 ($5 of it will go for big fish)

3- Fishing starts at 5am ends at 11am (pull lines at 11am)

4- 6 rod limit

5- 2-4 man teams (If you have a 4 man team you must only catch a 3 man limit)

6- Weigh in 5 fish on anykind (Salmon,Cohos, Lake Trout, Steelheads, and Browns.)

7- Do not have more than 5 fish at weigh in.

8- You must know what is your big fish. No checking at the scales.

9- No showing off your fish before weigh in.

10- No Cull

11- No Tie Breakers

12- Must be a Michigan Sportsman member or a Great Lakes Fisherman member.

Points System:

1- Browns 20pts.

2- Steelheads 15pts

3- Kings 10pts.

4- Cohos 5pts.

5- Lake Trout 0pts

Bonus points:

1- Cliped anipost fin 5pts (the 5 fish that you weigh in only )

Either way was allways fun...:D

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