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Brown Trout

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Its that time of year. Time to get the boats out and fish for browns. I do not have any pictures of brown trout. Myself and everyone else love to look at fish pictures.

Show us what you caught. Lets see some pictures of brown trout you have caught. Please include what Great Lake, and what port you got it/them out of.

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This is my sons first brown caught while trolling Port Sheldon 2006.


And heres my first and largest to date brown caught while trolling Holland 2006.


Id like to see a picture of that one that Rich caught in the last event at muskegon of 06 i believe? That was a crazy phat brown.

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Here are some before and after pics of a 13# brown my wife Christie caught in Lake Ontario off Oak Orchard in 2004. I just got around to mounting it for a taxidermy competition....it only took 4 years to get it done!



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Thanks for the pictures, now I know what a brown trout looks like. We just don't catch them in the St Ignace area anymore. Petoskey and Harbor Springs used to be real good for Brown Trout but I think that area kind of died off too. I will say that they are real nice pics though.

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