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Angry White Men.


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Put me down for both angry and white. You want to really know the funny part. I always thought and felt in my heart I was not prejudice. I try to treat all men the same way. But nobody deserves any kind of special treatment for any ethnic reasons. All the people who owned slaves or killed Indians are dead and gone. You make your own way and your own bed in life. Hell, two people I most admire are Condolesa Rice and Colon Powell and I'd probably vote for either in a heart beat if they ran. But slowly, very slowly the democratic party along with the Reverend Al Sharpten and a few other self appointed black Oricals are convincing me that I just may be prejudice. They are conditioning me to attach their philosophical view points to their particular skin color. I feel we've reached a real crossroads in our US history and the decisions we make in the next few years on all these hot issues will change our lives one way or the other. God save the King.

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