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Who do you like for the next President


Who do you like to see for the next President  

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  1. 1. Who do you like to see for the next President

    • Obama
    • Clinton
    • Hucklebee
    • McCain

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Well after card night last night my dad and uncle was talking about who they like to be the next president. Well after I herd what they had to say, I told them that I like McCain. Then all fishing pole broke and then they was getting on me and asking why McCain. Well I don't like war and so doesn't everyone else. But the way I feel there will be no president getting our troops out of Iraq just because we will allways have to baby sit them people over there, then who knows it could be Iran next. I like to see a president that will fix our economony, keep jobs in the USA, and a strong leader just in case we need to fight more. Well just like to see what your thoughts are for the next president. Just maybe I am missing something and there maybe a member that can change my mind.

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Firstly, I admire anyones courage to truthfully answer this post. The man I supported with both money and voice was (Fred Thompson) but he dropped out early. I always trusted a quiet reserved man, who's inner strength, courage under pressure, character and will, kept you from ever questioning or insulting his integrity. But only people who are older, worked for what they have and have taken a few of lifes sucker punches recognize quality in a man such as Fread. So I knew his real chances with the entire spectrum of voters were slim. I know one thing for sure. The last Time I voted for someone who bosted he was for real change, but never really elaborated about what that change was going to be was Jimmy Carter. History has judged that decision. One thing we cannot show our enimies in any form any more in this world is weakness. This world (like it or not) revolves around the USA. We are it's only beacon of hope. I want someone who knows where and when too shine that beacon.

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I'm probably going to get shot, but I am basing my candidate on strictly 2 things; health care and economics. Before we can put forth a 100% effort overseas, we need to be 100% at home. I also feel Obama, Clinton, and McCain would all be a great improvment over George Bush, who I feel has been an overwhelming disappointment to the republican party and to the country. I also think the overall pool of candidates this election cycle is way better than the Kerry/Bush cycle of the last election. How'd we get stuck with that!!??!?!?

So, prior to his withdrawl from the race, I was big on John Edwards, not only for my 2 big issues of health care and ecnomics, but also for his upbringing(son of poor family) and his policy on energy. Unfortunately, his race was done before it started.

Thus, my current support is for Clinton. Her stance on health care and economics is very similiar to Edwards. I don't have anything bad to say about either Obama or McCain, as I think either one of them would also be very capable leaders. Clinton is just my current choice, but I reserve the right to change my mind :D Once all of the running mates are established and more detailed information on each candidates' policies is available, then I'll revisit who will get my vote.

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Shootin is too good for ya!!:butcher:

Just kidding. Have no problem with someone who makes a thought out decision on who to vote for no matter how wrong you are:nhl_fight:

LOL :lol:

I doubt that Clinton can overcome the momentum from Obama to win the Democratic nomination, so then I'll have a real choice to make between McCain and Obama.

So far, my first choice candidates aren't doing so well. I liked Fred Thompson, Joe Biden, and John Edwards.

I'm kind of tired about hearing about race/gender on the democratic ticket. As much as I'd hate for somebody not to get the nomination due to race/gender, I'd hate equally as much for somebody to win the nomination because of race/gender.

I guess we'll see how it plays out......

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This is the best campaign button I have seen so far.



Now thats just plane funny!!!!!!!!

I really wanted to see Romney get in.

We all think the world is coming to an end when the other guys candidate gets in but, other than Jimmy Charter, most have not done that bad.

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I have many interests, but the President's major job in my view is to keep us safe. Bush has done that, although he has done very poorly on a lot of other issues. The Democrats scare me, especially when the House and Senate are controlled by Democrats as well. Look at what they just did last week, going on vacation instead of addressing the electronic surveillance matter that was strongly passed by the Senate:angry2:

Guns are another interest. Obama says he supports the 2nd Amendment and that it applies to all of us. In the next breath he said he supports the DC gun ban. Go figure? Clinton has long been after our guns. And she is basically a Socialist. McCain only gets a C+ from NRA so he isn't much of a choice either.:(

Interesting that so many say the economy is bad. National unemployment is 5.2% I just heard, which is a little higher than the historic low hit a few months ago, but still good. Michigan, of course, has not enjoyed the roaring business expansion the rest of the country has.

Enough already, reading and talking about fishing is a lot more fun:D Guess I'll have to vote McCain, as the best of what we have left. Yuk!


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I like everyone's opinions on this thread, and I'm glad we live in a country where we can actually HAVE an opinion/choice.

The only thing I wish would change (other than Bush being president) is that all voters would look at each candidate's views on specific issues and not vote on a "republican" or "democrat" because of their title. My parents are the worst at this because they will pick a republican and vote for them no matter what their views. Maybe it's because they are dedicated Catholics and there are many parrallels between Catholics/republicans. This to me is not a good reason to vote for a candidate and I think a lot of people are just stuck in the rut of voting for the best republican or best democrat.

At this point I am really undecided and I like everything about Obama except that he voted against english as the official US language.

Hopefully whoever wins this most important position will make good choices based on what the American people want and not based on personal gain.


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