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I Need More Cowbell

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Sometimes I actually target lakers and use cowbells with that all the time. I prefer the biggest bells I can find but will use small ones in a pinch. I prefer to use a dodger directly attached to the bells with a hering rig with no teasers on it. I will use a dodger fly in a pinch but I prefer hering. Sometimes I will skip the dodger and just run a spin and glow behind it. There are many methods that work, but that is what works for me.

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I use to use alot of cowbells for lakers and what would work for me the best was spin glows, peanunts, and small tadpollys allways work very good for me. Colors would allways be yellow or green and I would run them 3' behind the cannon ball. Most of the time bouncing at least two of them right on the bottom and running the other two 5' above bottom and trolling as slow as you can.

good luck,


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A Peanut was our go to lure behind the cowbells when we had to target the Lakers for a tourney. Sometimes the weirdest colors were the best. We had one that was a dark olive drab color that used to knock em dead. We would run this set up just off the bottom, and sometimes put a beat up cannonball on the adjacent rigger, and let the beat up cannonball tick bottom. We wouldn't have a rod on the bouncing rigger. When the Lakers didn't go for the trash and flash, some times just a clean spoon in their face would do the trick. :)

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