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Musekegon 10/15 Afternoon

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After reading DIRTY DOG's report from the afternoon before, I decided to go fishing after I got out of work yesterday. I was joined by Redeye(Brek), and a guy from work.

We left the dock around 3:05pm, ran out to 147FOW, put the boat into the wind(SE troll) and set lines. At 123FOW, we spun the boat around and headed West. The first rod to fire was a rigger set at 70' with a Stinger standard Freakin' Veggies. This fish shot to the surface, made a couple of jumps, and said "see ya later dudes". 0 for 1

Our next fish was on a NW troll in 165FOW on a full core. The board dove, popped free and slid down the line. This was a nice fish. We had around 7 colors in when it came unbuttoned. Well....not quite unbuttoned. The board slid all the way to the swivel and the swivel straighted out. Lost fish and lost Stinger stingray Killer Dolphin prototype.

It was getting near 6:30 when we started pulling lines. While we were pulling lines, the same rigger as the first one starts hammering. The fish hit the slider and did pop the release. When we grabbed the rod, and popped the release, there was nobody home. 0 for 3.

With two rods left in the water, Brek was pulling in a 2 color and I thought it had one on. There was a balloon wrapped up in the line, and we thought the other half of the balloon was on the hook. After we removed half the balloon, we confirmed it was fish. This ended up being a 6lb lake trout that we released. It hit on a Stinger stingray Mixed Veggies. 1 for 4

We brough the last line in and headed in.

We did not mark any schools of bait fish. The top 50' had a lot of clutter. I am wondering if all of this clutter we saw was baitfish. That might explain why the lake trout hit the 2 color core.

I am pretty sure I am having the boat pulled next week. Time to get in the woods.

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Good Report Mike, but sorry for the lost fish.:(

Anything that slides down a line has the potential to mess up a swivel snap. On all my rigger rods I put a fairly large plastic bead on the line before tying on the swivel. If I use a slider on the rod it will stop at the bead and not get into the swivel snap. On leadcore some anglers use speed beads to prevent this snafu. You want to keep the board out of the fishes face. I also use a bead on the leadcore leader and just snap on another 6 ft slider leader to keep the board @ least 6 ft away from the fish. The extra 6 ft slider does the job but I was thinking about getting a few speed beads when I run across them.:)

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Sorry for your bad luck GLF!

I was on the Roamertrain listening in on the chatter last night. We ended up 2-3, with a nice Steelie at 135 on a Stingray mixed veggie behind a dipsy 180 back. We kept goin mostly west to 200, then trolled back to about 50' pulling lines after dark. We picked up a shaker on a standard NBK downrigger that we tossed back, and missed a nice one at around 100 on lemon ice behind a dipsy. Was nice talkin with you, not many boats out there any more!

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