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Manistee MI 10/6/07 Steelhead

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I fished the shelve from 40 fow to 170 fow from 7 -8 am. One king hit as we were pulling lines. We went out to 600 fow and trolled east. We caught our limit, 9 steelhead in all, and only lost 2 fish. Check out the pics on the web site. I will have to post a picture from my fishfinder on my web site to show what massive schools of baitfish we have in Manistee right now. That is probably why the kings didn't bite this morning. When we were out at 600 fow, the seagulls were diving and feeding on bait on the surface. The fish we caught had 2 inch alewives in them, but the schools weren't massive there like in 40 - 100 fow. It made the bottom at 60 feet appear like it was at 40 feet. The water temp in 60 fow was 64.5, at 600 fow, it was 61.4 on the surface which was where we caught all the fish. I ran 2 colors, 3 colors, 5 colors, and 7 colors of lead and they all produced equally. 6 were on lead core, 4 were on riggers. Orange and chrome prokings, green and black prokings, bumblebee - proking: see the pattern, small lures, I did not catch one fish on a magnum.

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Nice job Capt. Ed. After cleaning our catch from Muskegon today, I noticed a lot of 2-3" alewives in their stomaches.

Hmmmm....down size your baits to match the hatch! Sounds like a bass fishing term. :D

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