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Boat Ramp Etiquette.

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I hope this post on this site, where most all are veteran boaters doesn't seem trivial. But with recent posts on my own fishing message board by beginners asking about hints and suggestions concerning their very first time boat and motor choices, it occurred to me there might also be other newbies reading and wanting/needing to know some launching etiquette as well, to keep us old boat launching/retrieving Pros off their backs while they learn.

I'll try and put these in the order one would fallow when getting to and leaving the ramp area.

Firstly, practice backing your boat up. This will save you tons of time, uncultured stares, comments, innuendos and embarrassment at the ramp.

Then, when first pulling into a ramp area try to surmise just how busy the ramp is. If it's a weekday and the fishing isn't on fire, where you park for those first few minutes to get things into your boat before the launch will not be of vast importance. But never park directly in front of the ramp no matter what conditions prevail. And if the ramp is crowded and boats are coming and going at a fast rate, try to pull off somewhere out of the general route going down to the ramp. Never and I mean never back the boat into the water and then load all your gear, no matter how deserted the ramp appears. Murphy's Law will dictate that somebody else will show up at that exact time to launch, count on it. And nothing draws more verbal fire and perceived disrespect from other seasoned boaters then this act alone.

When safely off to the side, be sure you have everything your going to use that day into the boat, back straps off if any, plug in, head lights off if early morning or dark out, your boat eye connector rope/strap clip un-done (in most cases) and your buddy either in the boat or ready to walk and hold onto the anchor/boat rope as you back down. Then pull around and back into the launching area the proper way, and never against the traffic flow, with your buddy either in the boat ready to pull away or walking next to the boat holding onto the boat rope, to both hold and guide your boat back to the shore or up to the dock after it starts to float and you pull away with the vehicle. Do not stop to talk or socialize at this point if their are others waiting to launch or retrieve boats. If you must talk or answer the (How'd ya do) question, do so while your walking to your boat or your vehicle to retrieve it. When retrieving, get your entire rig out of the way first and talk (if you must) in that safe zone area away from the ramp.

I know I must have missed something. Can you guys think of any others?

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IMO Make sure that your vehicle is going to be able to pull the boat out of the water no problem. I have seen it a few times this year at a public launch when someone is trying to pull the boat out of the water but just sits there and spins tires. Eventually they had pulled the boat out of the water, but I had time to dock my boat, put it on the trailer, pull it out, and put all my gear away before this guy even left the dock. I have never used my 4x4 to pull my boat out, so my best guess is that a good set of tires maybe key. I think the one thing that can go a long ways for everyone, cause we have all been in the situation waiting for someone, or maybe have even been that guy, is to be patient and not fly off the handle!!!

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