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Adirondack Salmon Chowder


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Hey guys, glad to see you're still enjoying my Adirondack Salmon Chowder recipe. Thanks for all the kind words too. I'm also happy to see you're experimenting with different seafood with it. I've made it with everything you've mentioned & it always comes out great. My recipe is just a basic starter. Add away and post how ya liked it.

Good luck on the water to all this year. ;)

Thank you very much Bob! I've tweaked it a little, and call it walleye chowder. Make it at all the outings we have on M-S. If your ever around, stop on in. I do one every year the weekend after fathers day in Sebewaing. Will be posting by first of May or sooner on M-S.com.....Ralph

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I'll be making another batch of chowder this weekend. It is by far THE best chowder I'v ever had, thanks so much for sharing this recipe!!! I've tweaked it a bit, but not too much, I don't don't want to get way off from the orignal recipe!

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