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Great Weekend in Muskegon!

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I fished on my mom and dad's boat this past weekend in Muskegon. It was a great weekend for fall Salmon fishing! We ended up 9 for 16 on Saturday and 12 for 15 on Sunday. We fished in and out of the pierheads and in the basin both days. We just did circles from the stub pier for the channel out to the Lake Michigan pierheads and back. We boxed at 7:55AM on Saturday and at 8:45AM on Sunday. The best lures were Double Glow Ace High Silver Horde plugs 17 ft. down, Pearl/Black Dot Tomic 15 ft. down and a Green/Glo J-Plug 13 ft. down. These were the downrigger plugs used both days. The other plugs used on divers throughout the mornings were a Orange/Gold/White Tomic 30 ft. back, Green/Glo Tomic 25 ft. back, Yellow Scaly Tomic 25 ft. back and a Pearl/Green Stripe Tomic 30 ft. back. Good Luck to all!

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Hey Clyde,

On Saturday the lake had big rollers from the North. It was great fishing water with no wind involved and calmed down as the morning went on. On Sunday there was a stiff South breeze that wasn't too polite. The waves were close together and it was rough, but was very fishable, just not extremely comfortable.

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