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Muskegon 9-1 Morning Trip

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Final tally, 3 for 4.

We left the dock at 6am this morning. We hit the lake around 6:20am, and it looked like a parking lot the day after Thanksgiving. Most of the boats were slightly to the North. We motored out to 45FOW and started setting lines. I had just finished setting the first rigger and grabbed a second rod to set, when the first rigger fired. This was on a #4 Monkey Puke J-Plug. This was a nice 14lb hen.

There was too many boats in shallow, so we continued West. We picked up our second fish in 80FOW on a Michigan Stinger magnum Glow Dolphin. This was on a rigger set at 35'

Our next fish came in 105FOW on a full core with a Michigan Stinger magnum NBK.

Our last hit came on an East troll in 95FOW on a 6 color core with a Moonshine Hi-NRG. We lost this one.

We pulled lines at 11:00 and came in.

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Thanks for the report. I really appreciate your thoroughness. I hope to get out this Monday, late afternoon. I don't look forward to the parking lot you described. I will get out in deeper water too. My downrigger bases finally arrived Friday, but I won't have them installed till next week. Then the serious fishing begins.

The threads on this site have been so helpful in my neophyte education process. I appreciated your encouragement to get on other boats to learn in this way. I would like to do that some before next summer.

Tight lines to all

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We fished 9-1 also and had an awesome morning. Poor landing % but lots of fish gioing 3 for 10 or so. Fished 25' of water and less south of the piers. Water temp inside south piers ranged 57-59 so we set up there. We were the only boat in that tight so could run 2-3 color lead with J's and blue/green dolphins. Also rigger down 12' with Dolphin took fish. Set lines at 5:30, bite was done when the sun came up.

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