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Ashtabula 27 & & 28

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We went out 9-13 miles Friday and Saturday and had two fine days at Lake Erie. In two days we caught 28 walleye and 7 steelhead. One walleye was a Fish Ohio fish at 29.25 inches and over 9lbs. Also we had a several between 6-7lbs and were 26-27 inches.

Monkeypuke, sorry I never got a chance to call you back. My cell phone has been acting up. It's tie for a new one.

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From ALL accounts, action in the central and eastern basins of Lake Erie has picked up SUBSTANTIALLY in the last week or so. Fish are everywhere from 20 fow to 80 fow and beyond. Numbers of quality fish from 55 fow out to the depths as well as very good numbers of steelies.

Jimmy has had the Storm up for the last 3 days and done limits each as well as 10 to 15 steelie hook ups / trip.

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