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Lucky Strike - yesterdays catch 7-22-2007

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Everyone must know that the walleye bite has been on in the central basin since May. Fish are everywhere and recently the focus has been on long distance offshore fishing trips. Here is a shot of our catch yesterday which included 6 fish Ohio awards ranging from 29-32"


The fish were taking stick baits back 300-350' on wire and spoons off dipsys at 175-200, 130-140, and 95-110.

If you know anyone who can't access long distance trips on the big pond & may be interested in a walleye charter visit us on the web at http;//www.LakeErieCaptain.com

Good friends, better weather & excellent fishing - God bless America!

Captain Art "Lucky Strike"

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Not trying to jump in there Art, but we ran to the 11 line out of Conny yesterday, didn't mark much and only picked up 2. Ran back into 58 to 62 east towards the state line and picked up 9 in a little over an hour.

We did see one big boat that actually was running back into Ashtabula. Where are they????

Email me, [email protected]!!!!!!!


Storm Warning II

[email protected]

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