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7/15 NE of 'Bula to PA line

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Don't know whether the big blows of Thursday and Saturday did it, but Sunday was S-L-O-W going. Hit the deep waters again and went E w/ the waves hoping to find some good numbers and good quality. We found good quality, but not so good on the numbers.

Managed 9 'eyes from 11am to 5 pm. Fish on everything, all over the place. Deep diver stix on 3 color cores off the boards, fish on dipsys, fish on riggers. All fish but one over 21", the other was 18", 3 fish over 6#. No hot color or presentation. Hopefully we can get some calm to allow the fish to congregate again.

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Im supposed to take my salmon boat out of the water and throw her on the trailer to come down to ASH for some eyes next friday. Hope they come around first time doing it, but a friend of mine has been bugging me for it. He has no boat to troll out of just his bass boat. Hope we get some

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