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This sub-category of WI reports in the lake Michigan reports looked too lonely to leave with no posts, so I thought I would leave one post, with the hopes that others will start to leave more. I will try to post actual fishing reports this weekend when I actually get to do some fishing!!

.... :lol:

C'mon cheeseheads, I know we can do better... look at all those MI reports!! :)

Whittsend :grin:

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I just created this section. There are some Wisconsin reports under the Michigan fishing reports, but they are all old.

Lets get some new reports for this new section.

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same deal as redskin on glanger.com..... best rig for us was monkey puke off or a board... even picked up a king off of a board with a 1/4 oz bead chain sinker right off the top... a few j's off of leadcore fired, and a few dipsys but we ended up an almost embarrising 6 for 12-14. lost a few really nice board and dipsy bites close to the boat. had a reallly nice double hook up of snags on a core and a dipsy in 50 fow... j/k... lucky not to lose the line...

thanks a ton to redskin for all the help.. really nice to meet you today, hope to see you in sheboygan on sat.

d.o.c. out...


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