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Whats Your Favorite To Eat


Whats your favorite to eat?  

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  1. 1. Whats your favorite to eat?

    • Atlantic Salmon
    • Brown Trout
    • Chinook
    • Coho
    • Lake Trout
    • Rainbow Trout/Steelhead

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Deep Fried Lake Trout... MMMMMMMMMM. Anyone who hasn't tried it, you have to try it. I would prefer to catch and eat 12 Lake Trout over 12 Salmon on any given day. Lots of people tend to bad mouth Lake Trout, but if you haven't tried it, give it a chance!!! :grin:

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You mean you eat those fish. LMAO:lol: I do like to catch em. Fresh Walleye and Lake Perch have spoiled me.

I voted for the Steelhead, but I do like them all grilled or smoked. Marinate them in Italian Dressing overnight and grill them.:)

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Cook up some lake trout the same as any other salmon or trout and do a blind taste test for others who don't know what is what. Lake trout wins every time I've done it. I love fried lake trout too.

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Alright GLF and Rayman, pass on the recipes. I much prefer fresh king to steelie ANY DAY. Maybe you know something we don't???

I always grill them(salmon and steelhead). I put some aluminum foil on the grill. Put some olive oil on the foil. I put the fillets on, and sprinkle lowry salt, garlic salt, and lemon pepper. I close the lid and let them cook for around 5 minutes.

I then flip them over and put more Lowry salt, garlic salt, lemon pepper, and add parmesian cheese. I put the cover back down and let this cook for another 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes, I open it back up, flip them over, and sprinkle parmesian cheese on this side. Close the lid and let cook for a few more minutes.

Salmon and steelhead are both good. I have noticed two different colors of steelhead meat, pink and white. The pink meat steelhead has the best flavor. The white steelhead meat appears to be a little firmer.

I worked up an appetite typing that up. Looks like I need to pull a bag of fillets out of the freezer for dinner tomorrow. ;)

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Coho on the grill, or battered and fried. Steelhead is a close 2nd. Smoked salmon is right up there too. Have a guy in Wellston that does our smoking and it is awesome. Frank is right, the walleye have me spoiled. Something else I have been eating a little of is whitefish, and that is a tasty morsel as well. Maybe I'm just too easy to please:grin:

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