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Fishing started out fine this morning in Manistee. The fish were hitting, however it was a scool of 2 year old kings from 12-16 inches. We couldn't keep them off the hooks. We left that area and trolled further south and got into some 3 year olds. They put up a good fight, but were only 3-6 pounds each. We kept trolling south, and finally found 1 four year old king. All the 3 and 4 year old fish came on green dolphins, blue dolphins or a white sliver streak spoon with little rectangular squares with yellow and orange in the center. Same lure did well in my last post here. Again the ticket today was lead core 3 - 10 colors, running 3.1 to 3.5 mph (really flying). They wouldn't bite when going slow (only 1 laker going slow). The slide diver back 100 and down 100 hit 3 times with a bumblebee lure on it. We ended up 9 for 10.

I'll post some pics tomorrow on my site.

I also updated the tribal fishing net link on my site. Those new nets in the 13's and 14's both appear to be trap nets, and are almost 3 tenths of a mile square. with flags at each corner. Watch out for the net in the 14's as the large flag on the northwest corner is not the furthest buoy to the west. There is a little buoy with about 100 feet of rope 200 yards west of the flag, and is easy to miss. http://www.fishwithcaptained.com/Nets.html

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