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Henderson/Stony Light 6/11/07

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A great day out on Lake O today, we finally put some Eyes in the boat this year. We got 1 brown on the rigger down 39 over 42 on a Stinger Alewive, about 6lbs. Another pass and on the turn back we had a big Eye hit the same spoon down 31 over 55, the little guy did a great job until the last 50 feet when he said" Daddy I can't do it any more". I took the rod, got the fish to 10 feet behind the boat, the fish came up and showed itself. I saw what looked to be an Eye about 12lbs, it opened it's mouth and did a head shake and the spoon came flyin out. I set the rigger back up and turn around and the 3 color core with a clown Husky Jerk takes off. I hand the rod to my cousin and he lands a beautiful 10lb eye. After a couple of pics, it is back in the lake. Set back up, get to our upper way point and the other rigger goes with a SAVANT Jake in the froggy paint, down 35 over 52. Dad grabs the rod and he is into his first Eye of the year, ends up being a nice 8lber, a couple pics and back in she goes. We had a little lull and we get back to our way point and the Savant fires again. Dad hands it off to Tommy, I hear " it is coming up", I look to see a sweet brown clear the water, est approx 12-15lbs, the fish lands on the 8lb leader on bye bye goes the fish with my Jake in it's mouth. Oh well, still a great day, we fished from 830 am until 100 pm and called it a day. A great looking screen most of the day, wish I could have been out there earlier. I hope you enjoy the pics.






This last one is for Ray and Mary, I can't Thank You enough for the great service. Keep lokking for it to show up here.

Hope this water stays like this for a while, Good Luck guys. Sorry for the being long winded.


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