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Hi folks,

As I read this more and I was interested in the ways you fisherman/women fished.Just found this site and was really impressed with it.

I started fishing the south-west end of Lake Michigan last year and just want to learn as much as possible. Now I have been going out of 95th street/stateline for the last few weeks and have produced fish everytime so I must be doing something right.

Wed I took my dad out and he was a kid in a candy store. We went 8-11 and the biggest fish was a 18lb Brown trout. Never seen a 75 year old man so happy.

He is alos a video I made of the last couple trips until the camera took a dip(rut roe)




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Welcome to the site. Sounds like you've got the handle on this trolling thing. If you have any questions/comments feel free to ask, somebody here can probably answer them.

Tight Lines and Screaming Drags :)

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Welcome to the site Rockfish. That looked like a lot of non-stop fun in the vdeo you put together. This is a 8 minute video, so if you are on dial up, do it before you go to bed and watch it in the AM.

We are glad you like the site and we look foreward to seeing you on the forums. We have a weekly chat on Wednesdays that starts at 8pm EST.

I am sitting here at work on a Saturday morning, just finished watching this cool video, and all I can think about is fishing :eek:

This is a great community with a lot of great members. If you need anything, just give a shout on the boards and someone will jump in and help out.


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Thanks for the replys....

Remember I am a west coaster so I can trade trips also.....or visa versa......

I go out of Wintrop Harbor North Point Marina July to Oct and Chicago Lake front until June

Here is my biggest king of last year, It was also my sons 14th B-Day.



PS Most of my videos are HUGE!!!!!! 100mb plus so you know.

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