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Sulpher Smell

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I have noticed a strong sulpher smell while trolling. Seems like it is more from the port engine and not the starboard. I have seperate gas tanks for each engine. I filled the boat last fall before storage and added stablizer.

Does old gas give a sulpher smell?

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The batteries are sealed, and I do not see any signs of leakage.

I purchased the boat last fall. They both were 1/2 full before I topped them off. I am still burning last years gas and stabelizer that I added. I have no idea how old the gas was, or if the previous owner had stabelizer in them.

I want to run them almost empty before I fill them. It wont be long and it will be time to fill them :(

I can see it now............Hey honey....I need to fill up the boat. This will be her reaction when she sees what it costs. :smileeek::eek::angry2: Then I will need to hide. :butcher:

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Generally a sulphur smell from the exhaust is caused by a lean air/fuel ratio.

Another cause could simply be the fuel itself. Different manufacturers of fuel have different sulphur content in there fuel.

Burn up what you have in the tanks first, and see what happens.

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