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Ran the first trip of 2007, finally the weather let us get some fishing in. Our 2 person trip boated 5 fish, 2 browns, a rainbow, a laker, and a king. Cool water temps in the low 40's and the shifting winds have slowed things down after the early brown action. Pro-Kings in orange and green run off the boards, dipseys and riggers got the fish today. We hugged the shoreline from the lighthouse to the hospital. A 29.5 lb brown was hauled in off of Manitowoc already this year, but a little help with the weather is still needed to jump start the salmon action.

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Willie Bee, The 08' Brown Trout action is going strong up here in Algoma. A friend of mine said he counted 60+ empty boat trailers in the Marina Parking lot on Saturday Afternoon the 29th of March 2008.

I was at the Manitowoc Home Show all weekend working my booth, and think I saw a glimpse of you or someone wearing one of your Willie Bee jackets and was going to try to introduce myself to you but I got busy talking to a customer and you disappeared. (If it was you).

I have heard good reports of decent catches of 5-12 fish and fish in the 5-13 pound range is what I have heard so far. With occasional pier anglers getting lucky too!

All of the ice is out of the Algoma Marina and Harbor but there is a lot of ice left in the upper river that will probably break loose soon with all the rain we got. That may jamb things up in the river mouth for a few days but time will tell.

Good fishing to you down there this season.

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We had a small run of browns that I heard of 2 weeks ago, but the wind and the bar blocking the marine in Manitowoc has kept people off the lake. The Manitowoc marina should be opened this weekend and I'm hoping to get out with a small boat off of Two Rivers this weekend.

You probably saw my father at the Home Show.

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