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WMFL - Custom Fishing Products and Siggs Rigs - Big Fish Contest

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Custom Fishing Products and Siggs Rigs are sponsoring a big fish caught on their flasher/fly combination contest, for the West Michigan Fishing League season.

The winner of the contest will receive 10 flasher/fly combinations.

Every captain will receive one custom flasher/fly combo at the next event!




Fish must be caught on a Custom Fishing Products/Siggs Rigs fly combination.

A picture of the fish with the flasher/fly combination must be taken the day of the tournament.

We would prefer a picture taken when the fish is caught in the boat. This makes a much better picture with the fishing back ground. If you do not have a camera, Rich or myself will have one at the weigh in and can take your picture.

You must make a post on either Great Lakes Fisherman or Michigan-Sportsman showing your fish with the flasher/fly combo.

If you do not make a post with the picture, you will not be eligible.

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