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for sale Trolling rods and reels

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(2)Okuma classic pro Glt downrigger

8”6 10-20lbs with okuma ma 30dxt reel

$100 X 2


(2)Shimano talora medium heavy 9”0 with Magda pro ma 30dx with 30# braid

$125 X 2


Accudepth 9”6 with Magda ma30dxt 4 color leadcore



Shimano triton down rigger 8” with Magda 30d 5 color leadcore



Same as above 3 color leadcore



(2)Okuma classic pro 10” with okuma Magda pro 45dxt 10 color

$100.00 X 2


(2)Okuma classic pro cooper/leadcore Magda pro 30dxt 7 color leadcore



(2) Same as above 8 color leadcore



Okuma classic pro 7” Magda pro 5 color leadcore



Okuma classic pro glt Magda pro 4 color leadcore



1,000$ if bought in a bundle. Prices of listed of separately.


Let me know what you’re interested in. Would like to sell all together but will separate and update list as needed be.


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