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New Consent Order w/Tribes

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Looks like MDNR sold us out again.

The information I have says they’ve approved 2,000ft of GILL nets. Yes GILL nets NOT trap nets as per 2000 Consent Order.

Worst case would be 12 nets between Ludington and Manistee.

Just like 2000 Order w/1O-12 Trap nets in this area

Plus state is giving them $17 million.

Think in 2000 it was $10 million.

This won’t officially be announced until rest of agreement is done soon.

Someone needs to ask for a stay so this can be worked out better.

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The 2000 decree is extended until the proposed decree is settled. Sault Tribe won't agree to it and wants to self manage their fishery.  The court opened up a period to file objections to the proposed decree until Jan 20th, 2023.  Has yet to rule on the Sault Tribe motion.

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Thanks for the update.

The dozen or so trap nets from Ludville to Manistee were manageable to fish around when they were properly set, maintained and retrieved. Many times they weren’t labeled very well either.

During a Muskegon tourney a while ago we witnessed that a tramp net, one that broke loose from its moorings, got tangled up in a boat prop and they had to call for help.

Maybe the DBR peopke working on this weren’t around after 2000 Consent Order and don’t know or are not told about the previous horror stories. As far as I know the Tribal Police did very little required enforcement.

Merry Christmas

Capt Dan on The Reel Woman.



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