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Solo 2 for 4, 14.4oz king and a sheep head (a gift whenever I fish shallow) that was close to 14lbs also.
King 14.4oz, (7:09am) on an 8C with a happee meal mag spoon. sog 2.4, S direct, 54 fow, temp at depth 43.9
Lost two others in 135fow, one hit my Port DR with a jordo std spoon and ran for several minutes and when I tried to tenderly crank him in the line snapped and I lost him. He was of very good size!

At the cleaning station a boat came in with (15-20 Kings) but most were small.
Lake was calm

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  • littleboat changed the title to Holland Am, 9-8-22

Thanks for sharing your report and glad you bagged one nice king for the effort.  I sure looked nice out there today but I had other stuff to attend to.  Taking a friend and his daughter out Saturday night and hope we can get a fish on for each. 


BTW - I know exactly that feeling after a king goes on a big run and can't be budged . . . are my knots good . . . did the line get nicked during the strike . . . how much pressure should I put on the drag . . . crap, the line is dead.  Thanks for reminding me how painful that is.

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