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Solo, 1 for 2, 6.82# king, (6:46am), DR bk 60, down 49 in 78 fow NW troll, 2.3 sog with Bloody nose mag. One other bite, but never saw it.


Got up early for the morning bite. As I made my way through the darkness I noticed several boats never turned on their navigation lights and some had their stern light burned out. Alot of twists and turns to prevent a bad situation. On top of that one anchored sail boat ( not moored to a bouy never had an anchor light on and was very close to the normal boat traffic area).


Then a 300ft+ freighter came in. There must have been 30 boats waiting for him to clear.


So much for getting up earlyIMG_20220827_122320.jpg


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I was one of the thirty boats waiting for the freighter.  Missed getting out before him by 10 minutes. 

1 for 1, 9 lb Lake Trout, 8:45 am saved me from getting skunked. Full core, bloody nose spoon, 110 ft of water.
 Only hit of the morning.  Just fired up the smoker. 

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