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3 for 3; SB rigger caught all 3. small coho; 22 and 23lb kings. Rigger was 50/50, 50 down n 50’ lead length.

22lb king hit the slider, a reg size Jorgo spoon. For my 23lber he hit the main spoon, reg size gold Jordo spoon. 
Had quite a few marks and quite a few times we could see on the fishfinder that the fish would come up, look at both riggers and swim away. Obviously wrong spoons. That’s when I put down Jordo spoons; hit 5 minutes later.

Coho caught in 88 fow trolling west; both kings in 103fow trolling uphill, north.

Waves 1-3s, then 1-2s and around 1:45 starting building up again.

Usual speed 2-3.1Sog; hits were in 2.7Sog area.





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Nice job! So about how many FOW were you fishing when you got those two biggens? From your report I gather you were in close but I want make sure....

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Any chance you could post pics of those spoons?
Good luck Saturday.
I’ll be out Tuesday.

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Here ya go. Your lucky day; my boat is parked in front of my house today for Saturday vet trip.

They are both DW spoons; one with green on it is uv Jordo, I think it is a super slim; other is reg spoon, gold Jordo w/gold back.



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