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holland 7/22 - big kings

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late start... set lines at 8pm and inside about an hour tonight went 3 for 5
two big ones 20# plus.... one tipped scale at 26#
2big chinook smoked meat dipsey about 60 down
other beast ate rigger spoon..
 all in that 185-150fow
rough out there - pulled lines after sunset practically in West Olive
#1. Dancing anchovy rigger main bait down 60
#2 Green jeans spindocter with green uv meat rig low diver out 133
#3 Same Green Jeans Meat rig on diver
#4 Green hulk spoon on rigger main bait down 68
5# Kevin's girlfriend spindocter with pickled sunshine fly on low diver out 115









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thanks - yes this was the first we had seen or heard of the real big matures - my son even works up on Chinook Pier in GH and there honestly haven't been the behemoth kings yet... so let's hope this is just the start! with all the bait this year you'd think it would be prime time for lunkers!

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