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Fished the mixed bag of weather mid-day (1:30 to 5:30) on Friday.  Light rain, NE wind, sunshine, no wind, over cast, hot and calm.  We stuck to the plan of fishing 170-220FOW with a Steel Head set up: 

10-color leadcore with mag UV watermelon spoon

300' weighted steel with mag blue dolphin foil spoon

Two slide divers with about 70' leads down between 48-60' with standard watermelon and double orange crush spoons

White and green spotted spin doctor with a proctologist fly down 60-65'

SWR on down rigger @ 77' with a green foil spoon (the deep line)

Since we had a lot of long lines out, we stuck with the same lures and adjusted the depths as we moved between 170-220FOW.  Smart Troll probes were on the slide divers and SWR.  Depth Raider probe on the other rigger.  I have really embraced having Smart Troll probes on the diver lines.  It makes it easy to adjust the baits to the desired temperature range as changes in speed, troll direction of depth of water changes the position of the bait in the water column.

First hit came at 3:15pm in 188FOW on a NE troll.  Just as I planned, a laker hit the highest line in the spread, the 10-color leadcore & UV watermelon spoon.  Gary had the pleasure of reeling in the long line with the board and he landed the laker then I threw it back.

Our second hit came an hour later, at 4:15pm in 190FOW on a S to SW troll.  Slide diver rig and standard watermelon spoon that was 57' down at the time of the strike got us a steel head that we kept.

No other action for the day.  Only marks that registered were generally between 70-80' down and we did not mark any small bait pods.  As far as I could see on the horizon, we were the only boat out between Holland and Fort Sheldon.  May try south on Sunday if it is not crowded with boats since I have not fished that water but once all year.

Special thanks to Adonna for the pics :)




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