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anyone herd about this.

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This is not new, and these “negotiations” are not going to go well for recreational or charter fishermen.

The Coalition to Protect Michigan Resources (CPMR) is a gathering of fishing clubs and conservation organizations that pool our money together to pay lawyers to speak for 1 million fishing license purchasers…vs 40 tribal licenses.

And the tribes will win with this woke BS we are
Living through.

Go to their website and paypal the CPMR what you want.

But, when you don’t, don’t badmouth the guys that fight this decree every 20 years (yes, the same legal team from 1980, 2000, and now 2020). They have been frustrated, pissed off, and now worried they will become the scapegoat of “the reason there are nets at every tributary in the Great Lakes”, or “why are there nets covering Saginaw Bay?”

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