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Ended 5 for 7 . lines set in 80 FOW by 6:30 am

first hit 300 copper, steak blue alewife. Big fish, new leader broke in the middle of the line when 50 feet behind the boat. 90 FOW when it hit. Tied back up and reset

did not hit another fish until we hit 140 FOW.   Wire dipsy with 10 inch pro troll white paddle with spartan strong fly went.  8 lb king set at 2 180 out

next 300 copper went, moonshine bad toad. 5lb Coho. 147 FOW

next half core Craig's flounder pounder  6lb steelhead, 160 fow

next wire dipsey, pro troll blue bubble with dolphin fly another Coho 5lb. set at 2 160 out 168 fow.

next same set up as the last hit. blue bubble again. came off about a minute into the hook up. assume it was a good fish. ripped out a lot of line. before he came off.  180 fow

last fish on the rigger 62 down, 30 ft behind the ball, moonshine, wonder bread. Magnum. King, about 5 lb. made a circle back  when the cold fog hit and picked this one up back in 145 fow.

 slower than last week.  Should have kept heading out and skipped setting up in 80 FOW.  A lot of marks in there though. Temptation got the best of me.  my Crew were two young men that one had never been on the big pond the other 1 trip under his belt. boys had fun. couple of my younger employees. 

Speed 2.6 to 2.8 mph

best troll direction was Northwest. Started in the 23's and ended up north in the 29's. surface temp was pretty consistent 54-55 degrees from 110 out. 58 when we started in 80 FOW.




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  • silver one changed the title to Southaven 6/11

Thanks for the report. I find that I am frequently suckered into setting up in close. One big rip and I keep thinking another will come. Next time I will go west young man, go west!

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Thanks for good report.

Last time, got first fish in 160’ and went deeper with nothing; came back to 160 and got 7.

I should know better to leave fish to find fish. Duh.

Taking new crew out Saturday. 

Thanks, again.

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