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Fished 0630-1230. Calm seas, plenty of boats, Lonely box. Managed just one coho on an orange standard spoon slider with main line down 45. 

2 hits on Carmel dolphin 200 copper, 2 hits on magnum frog 150 copper, 1 hit green tuxedo 5 colors, 1 more on slider and 1 on 300 copper, moonshine flounder pounder. Fished 85-160. 

that’s right folks 1 for 7. Hooks are sharp. Drags set right. Never had a day quite like it. 

till we meet again, BigBones out and clear. 

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Thanks for great report.

The low hookup rate was probably due to coho hits; they usually hit very light and this year especially.

Didn’t see any meat rigs in your report.

Last trip 18 n 16 lb kings were on meat on dipseys.

Next trip in addition to 2 dipseys going to add meat to 1 rigger.

Hood Outdoor s has meat strips.

Was supposed to fish today but crew was too busy to take off work to fish.



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Thanks. After your fine report, I dragged meat on a low wire diver back 100-160 all over South Haven. Kevin’s girlfriend/pickled sunshine, black mamba, and white Pearl never took a hit. I’m home in Indy this weekend, but eager for another crack the following Saturday. 

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