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Late start. Had my infrequent fishing wife on board, so I elected to wait for flat seas. Fished 0900-1215 hour.  Trolled from 60 to130 before a hit. Cold water all the way. 2 coho from 130-133. All we needed for dinner, so we went in and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon, and a terrific dinner. Hopefully, another try this weekend. 

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Wife and I also fished SH Sat the 28th. was a late fish. Ended 4 for 5.  On the water at 11:00 am started 70ft. Worked out to 160. picked up two Coho in 130fow

both on moonshine bad toad. one on a 1 color 100 back 75 out. second Coho on rigger. . got out to 148 picked up 10lb king on rigger

45 down 16ft behind the ball. bad toad again. got to 152 second king about 8lbs ,Craig's founder pounder. rigger same set up at 50 down.

1 more rip on the half core Easter egg spoon. gone when we garbed the rod.  worked back in to cooler water but never picked up another fish.

130 fow we had 47 degrees. out 160 we had 50 degrees. all fish in the top 50 fow. off the water at 3:00 pm. speed around 2.7 to 2.9 mph, trolling  direction did not seem to matter. 

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Wish we would have started earlier.  But the wife wanted to sleep in. would have had more fish. typically I am pulling lines when we were setting.  Just nice to get out though. first trip for the year for me. 

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