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Pentwater 5/28 AM 5 for 6

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There were a lot of boats fishing Pentwater today.  We ended up motoring out near the front of the pack, but setting up outside of them in 140 FOW.  Most of the boats where in 80 to 100 FOW.  We had a busy half hour where we took 5 hits and boated 4.  I wanted to spin around and go back through that area but there were a ton of boats behind us and we were running a lot of lines and decided to keep heading S.  We tried a few different angles and depths but couldn't get anything else to fire to the South.  With the boats scattering, we spun it around and picked up our last fish which was a Coho.  We started setting lines at 6:30 and pulled them at noon.

Based on the radio chatter and some people I talked to at the dock, it was a slow day.  Many boats had 1 or no hits.  I did reach out to a charter buddy and he got 11, but he excels at getting lakers for his clients.  I didn't ask what kind of fish he got but I'm pretty sure he could pull 11 lakers off the moon.  Knowing him though, he probably got a mixed bag.

We ended up going as deep as 215 and as shallow as 135.  We only marked a single fish all day.

Time   FOW Toll Fish Bait Pole
7:10 AM   165 SW King Bloody Nose RV spoon (mag) Rigger stack, down about 40'
7:20 AM   169 SW Steelhead Orange micro spin doctor & green/gold fly 100 Cu
7:23 AM   170 SW Miss Bad Toad RV spoon (mag) Heavy Slide Diver, #2 setting, out 100'
7:28 AM   170 S King White Spin Doctor w/ Pickled Sunshine fly 300 Cu
7:39 AM   167 S King Green Jeans (normal size) Rigger down 80'
10:29 AM   173 NW Coho Orange micro spin doctor & green/gold fly 3 Color


The table above won't show up in the app very well so here's and image:












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I am impressed you have enough time to capture all the data when the fish are hitting - thats double the work.

It helps when I have a couple other adults on the boat, as long as my driver stays awake. When it is just me and the kids, it is more challenging. I need to teach one of them to do the logging for me.

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Everything about this post is Awesome 😎🏼 That young future Captain catching her PB 100% pure Joy as a Dad !!!! Thank you So much for ur reports !! They have helped me learn to dial things in ( Takes yrs of learning the tides current and winds !! Great report and Again thank you for sharing ALL !! Tight lines and Fish on 

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