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10for11 4Kings& 6 cohos All kings in 55 fow first thing in morn , riggers down 35 & 47 ft , Mongolian beef rv and blue jeans rv plus Dipsey down 50 with blue dolphin took a king, Coho came on sliders , 200 cu 175 cu and 1 on dipsey down 50 80-100 was best coho water Rasta goose 2 cohos lemon ice gold 2 coho, orange blk ladder back 2 coho ran 2.7 at the ball south troll took all kings , water was 45 degrees on top 43 down at ball Big king was 14 1/2 lbs ,2 12’s& an11 lb Great Day on KonaBlue1 IMG_0483.thumb.JPG.4facb5bdcd1a3797758609e959d33a84.JPGIMG_0502.thumb.JPG.5a071d8cad80c7754ce2487e444fcc16.JPGIMG_0501.thumb.JPG.a7a70fae06d13b2b444d025e287150f3.JPGIMG_0510.thumb.JPG.c491393d033b525721b65a32d7dec952.JPGIMG_0493.thumb.JPG.19cbdea236de55a7d83155991c0d0365.JPGIMG_0482.thumb.JPG.41fb7cb9064b0b3e607230b38102c563.JPG
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