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First time out this season. Just wife and I. Went out of Kolen Park. Not one boat launched other than us. 

Hit big lake and sent south out of pier. Started in 50ft of water. Lots of marks between 20-30ft. A few good hooks at 45ft. Ran two planer boards 3 color and 6 color. Blue dolphin on 3c and gold Rasta Goose 6. Two high dipsy on 3. 90ft and 100ft. White slick spin doctor w/salmon candy novacain fly on 90. Krytonite flasher w/pickled sunshine fly 100. Two riders set at 25ft and 35ft. Blue knight and red dodger green/yellow fly. Trolled south west at 2.5 at Ball.

No takers until 7:45am and krytonite/pickled sunshine went 10lb king. Nice way to get season off to a start. BlueKnight at 35ft went at 8:15 8lb king. Went dead and made turn with waves. 3 color went and lost steelhead after a couple of jumps. Krytonite/pickle sunshine went again.  13lb king in 65ft 110. Boat got turned to quick...oops and crossed up in current and downriggers got all messed up. Yanked lines at 10:15am and head in. 

Good first trip. Best part...wife had a nice time and landed 2nd fish. 

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