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Second hand report but thought I would share.

Was at Pier 1000 helping son put new floor covering in his boat.

A crew in the tourney I talked to at Pier 1000 got like 5 or 6 Hos, same usual place - by chalets south; couple in 35-45’ n then moved out to 44-55’ and a few more. No kings.
Charter, could have been Sea Hawk,  was hanging fish on the hooks  by pier 1000 fish cleaning and looked like limit of 20 Hos or so. But, only 1 king.

It is surprising no kings; guess we are a few weeks behind due to very cold spring.

Next trip here in SoHa for TRW will be Tuesday; Capt Dan has a strong gut feeling we’ll get into a few kings; there are a few here.

Have fun n be safe.




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