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Advice please

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I'm new to Michigan and have read about the problems with invasive species, such as zebra and Quagga mussels in the Great lakes.

I recently got my first boat and am planning on taking it out on Lakes but I want to be careful not to unknowingly pick up and spread mussels as that's a common way they're transported. Is there any govt advice on this issue and what's the best way to kill them off if any are hiding in the motor, ballast etc? Is a blast with hot water good enough?

Advice would be appreciated 😁

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Thanks Nailer. I read a 2% chlorine bleach solution, not exactly sure what that means. A hard blast with hot or pressurised water is apparently good too, now I've done a bit more reading. Draining everything in contact with water (motor can be hiding place apparently) as well should do the trick

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