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Grand Traverse Salmon Fishermen act now!

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Hello all, if you have fished for salmon in East or West Grand Traverse Bay and want to be able to claim you are a giver, not a taker, now is your time.


The NWMI Fishing Club has used much of their membership fees, weekly Fishing contest revenue, and our donated money to repair and emplace the salmon pen nets and feeders for the Boardman River. We are looking to recover that money we have spent and you can help. This request applies to weekend anglers such as ourselves and Charter Boat Captains and fishermen statewide.


We have DNR Coded Wire Tag data that proves a 3%-4% return of spawning salmon if they are acclimated with the river pen nets. It's only a 1% return rate just dumping them into the river. If you put that "return percentage" on the upcoming stocking of 75,000 salmon in May 2022 , we can expect 3,000 fish return with the use of pen nets versus 750 without in August/September 2025/26.


Please go to the NWMI Fishing Club website homepage to the "PayPal Donate Button" and donate to our general fund and help us recoup some our expenses, and Thank you.



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