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introduction of a GREAT lakes fisherman.

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hey to all you sportsman out there on this site.

I'm 70 years old and been fishing the great lakes since 1976. fished lake Michigan for the first few yrs. the started fishing lake Erie's western basin in the early 80's and was addicted so i gave up on lake MI but fished Manistee Lake for a few more yrs. caught my first walleye fishing our local lake while ice fishing for crappie. it was my best walleye until i started fishing lake Erie's central basin. it was 9 1/2# and 29 1/2" long. again i was addicted to walleye from that point on.

i did some fishing before i joined the marine corps in 72 but became a fishing addict after i got out in 76. i fished from WI and MI for salmon to the FL keys, I fished everything in between. if it moved I fished for it. i fished WI MI IN OH KY TN and FL. but now i do very little fishing. I fish Erie for 1 week in July, and do some bass fishing with my 14 yr old GD and my nephew in TN in ponds. I have planed to take my GD out on my small 17' boat fishing for crappie for the last couple of yrs but just haven't done it.


i started hunting rabbit and squirrel and birds growing up in TN. but i had never deer hunted. i hadn't been doing much hunting living in the city. in 1981 i had some friends that put in for a drawing at a wildlife area to deer hunt. when i heard about it i went and put in for the same area they put in for. we all got drawn. in the morning of the 2nd day of hunting i got my 1st deer ever, it was a nice 10 pt buck. again i was addicted to deer hunting. i started hunting with shotgun the bow and later with a


kit model muzzleloader. but n


DSCN0817.thumb.JPG.1773bc031779a95a86893cc2d7c5f432.JPGDSCN0950.thumb.JPG.677db35dafed46a1bb731a9cad73b644.JPGow i only hunt nthe muzzleloader season.

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