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1 warm water king out of Saugatuck Sept 19

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I could see fisherman working deep out of Saugatuck, but we got a late start Sunday morning (10 am) so set lines at 45 FOW.  Picked up a small dark King within 10 minutes on a blue/green fly and spin doctor, 35 ft down on downrigger. Water was warm, 65 F, but we were marking a lot of bait and predators.  Soon learned that many of those "big fish" were sheephead, as we caught 2 of them!  ugh ...

With the heavy rain and strong winds this week I am hoping that salmon will be in shallows soon!

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tried Holland Channel tonight for anwhile on the 18' tiller... weeds/current/wind were horrendous but we still had fun... nothing like fishing in a northern gale! we had no bites unfortunately - thanks for your report and let us know if you get anymore.

Screenshot_20210922-182941_Video Player_623x1280.jpg

Screenshot_20210922-214213_Video Player_1280x623.jpg

Screenshot_20210922-182833_Video Player_1280x623.jpg

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