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Holland 9/19 Tough Evening

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Set lines at 4:30pm in 110FOW half way to Saugatuck trolling south.  Found multiple clusters of arcs on the fish finder down 80-100' but could not get any takers.  Once I got past Saugatuck, I stopped marking fish.  What started as a NE light blow became a 12-16kt steady rip NW that was not in the forecast.  I would not have bothered with a trip if that was known.  Pulled lines early and came in.  There were at least 5 other boats fishing similar water.  Talked to one that picked up 3 kings right at dusk but no action prior to that.  I would like to try again tonight if I can trust the 10-12kt SE forecast.  PS buoy indicates some colder water is coming back in.  And no freighter traffic out of port Holland tonight.

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