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Holland 9/19 tough morning

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Like many this time of year, you have to wait until the lake cooperates. This morning was beautiful but the water is still so warm. Started a little south of pierced in 110ft of water. Temp was down again between 75-80ft. Quite a few good marks early as we trolled north- northwest. Got pinched by another boat and ended out at 150ft. The deeper I went the less marks. We eventually got back to 130ft and started marking fish again. Quite a few in the 20-40ft range. I could not get a hit. Had most of the program in the 70-90ft range. Had two bites on riggers green jeans spoon 70ft. Kevins girlfriend pickle sunshine fly 65ft. Both were on and then off . High and low divers never had a hit. Ran white spindoctor/fly combos on lows and spoons on highs. 300' copper and 250' coppers washed lures as well. Pretty morning but tough fishing. 

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