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We went out of Holland this morning and for the second straight trip got skunked. We saw some enticing marks in 125 ft right off the bat but no hits and when we turned back they were gone. The water was 44 degrees 60 ft down so I can't blame the water for being piss warm this time. The DNR planting data shows some got planted in both Holland and Saugatuck in 2018 so I keep expecting them to come back but it looks like they either vacated north or are doing a great job at avoiding us. With our dock coming out next weekend and my dad and I both getting busy after that this is probably the end of my trolling season, bummer it had to go out with a whimper but it also looks like just about everyone on the southern end of the lake is struggling.


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Many thanks for all your posts to the community who fish on the East side of the lake.  They are much appreciated by me and the members who post here.  I note that my fishing friends in IL prior to my 2008 move to MI are not sharing the same fishing reports as the MI side of the lake.  So I am rewarded to have the MI network.  Have a great off season and much fish luck in 2022.

For what it is worth, at a social event tonight in downtown Holland, I heard there were some large catches in South Haven in 120FOW.  The info is sketchy (third hand) but I may run down there tomorrow as anywhere around Holland continues to be for some reason a no-bite zone.

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