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So neither of us wailed on the heavies out front yesterday.  Met 2MD in the channel as we set lines, two passes out front yielded an 8# sheep.  72 degree bath water.  We chatted and agreed that any hope of salvaging the trip would require going out deep, he left to plow north into a nasty building chop as he'd launched from Holland.  We spiraled our way out going 1.7 into them and 3.6 with them due to some really nasty currents.

In 50' we had lots of marks and bait balls, but the cannonball on the bottom was still warm to the touch.  Fortunately found a pair of hungry 2-3# little kings out there that wanted a magnum flounder pounder 120' back on a slide diver.

Pulling lines at dark on our way back in the regular flounder pounder SWR starts pumping.  Fish swims right to the boat, it's dark, the fish is dark, and with it 2' from the net is turns and burns off about 200' of line.  OK time to get serious.  Pull the divers out of the way, get the cannonballs out of the water, and then put it in N.  Fish is now in front of and under the boat.  Oops.  Find a flash light clamp that in my teeth figure out where the line is and then put it in gear and motor around the fish to get it back off the stern.  Fish comes up and hangs about 3' down, tell the crew all or nothing pick it up, he pulls the fish up to the top and I scoop it more or less holding the end of the 8' handle.  Get the fish but have no leverage to lift it so have to pull the net in and then slide it up the side of the boat.  19# hen.

Forecast looks like harbor patrol is gonna be on pause for a while.  Anyone headed out soon be warned with the now S wind those currents are gonna be a mess.

Pleasure sharing info with you and we'll cross paths again soon I hope.

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