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Went out about 5:30 pm and there was a lot of boat activity around the harbor in 40 fow. After setting up outside the pack, I trolled through a couple of times with no success, but it was a bit early for the evening bite. I had started out running spoons off riggers as it's easier for me fishing alone. When setting up in deeper water, I had noticed quite a few marks in 60-80', so decided to try targeting those for a bit. Couldn't get them to bite. Tried switching out spoons for j-plugs, flashers and flies, and meat rigs. This was along the bank in around 60 fow. The marks were constant but nothing seemed to work. I turned south to head back towards the pack at one point but it was too windy to be able to maintain boat control whenever I wanted to adjust something. So decided to continue north to the point as long as I was marking fish. I noticed a fish come out of the water some 200' behind the boat as if it were feeding at the surface. By this time I had put a couple wire lines out instead of riggers, so pulled one of them and set out a three color lead on a planer with a fire tiger Bomber. It wasn't out ten minutes and a coho hit it sideways getting all three trebles in its mouth somehow. I got it in the boat and noticed light was fading. How quickly four hours can slide by. Pulled lines and headed in. Back at the fish cleaning station there were a few nice kings, plus cohos starting to come in. Most anglers were fishing from the pier southward in 30'-60' of water. I would think weighted lines would be the ticket if you go out here, targeting the top 40'. I don't have a speed/temp on ball, but going from what others said and what I could see on the sonar, the break is still around 45-50'. Only a couple other boats went north. Tournament weekend too, so heavier than usual boat traffic. Have fun.


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