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Took a couple friends out the morning of the 23rd. Left dock at 5:00 am and picked up a fish on outside diver but lost it right at the boat. We were marking fish at around 35-50' which was odd as they had been so deep the previous two weeks. The diver was only out 50' and was pulling an Agent Orange spoon. It was our last hit that day. Tried every trick in the book. Fished 80'-190' fow. It was a tough day and there wasn't a lot of activity at the fish cleaning station either.

Day two with my friends, on the 24th, they had booked a charter and were taking me along in return for always taking them out. I looked forward to seeing and learning what the charter captain would do in tough fishing conditions. Well, we got skunked. I don't have a temp/speed on the ball so it takes a while for me to catch on when there's a change in the thermocline depth. I could see on the charter the temp was at around 50'. We were marking fish but they just wouldn't bite.

I didn't fish today (25th). But I nosed around the boat launch this morning and it seems a few more were caught than during the previous two days. Never did like fishing a full moon. I heard good numbers of fish are being marked in Platte Bay now, but they were not biting very well on this morning. I plan on heading out to tomorrow morning. Probably will just start out front. Maybe hit Platte Bay afyer daybreak if the NE wind isn't too stiff. I know this is kind of a lousy report, but it's where we're at in Frankfort.


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