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Ran out to about 100', started pounding the bottom 10' with a mature king staging fish program.  About 7 we'd slipped out to 135 and were turning back in when a rigger with a big white paddle down 120' just buried.  Big laker I guessed until the reel started singing.  Got it up into the bath water and figured it would tire out, nope, a couple more runs and still was green behind the boat.  I called it as a 20, at shore later it weighed 20.01#.  That was close.  

While messing with that we ended up all the way out in 160', so we eat back into them and at 140' the other rigger started thumping with a slider hit.  Flounder pounder pegged 10' up with the main line down 115'.  That was a 5# king that should have gotten away as the slider slid down to the main lure, a J plug, which I got in the net on my first try.  Finally grabbed the leader and just slung him into the boat.

We went back into 100' and then had time for one more lap.  Turning back around in 135' the port diver started thrashing.  Big white spinny yellow BW fly.  7# laker 350' back.  That was fun.  At that point we were up against a time limit and with the wind being less east than it had been, it was a long, bumpy, wet ride back in.

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