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Fished the evening bite from 7:00-10:00.  Up till just before sunset I was doing more trouble shooting than fishing.  Checking voltage on each of the 4 riggers, determined the Cannon Mag 20 rigger with the Depth Raider unit that came with the boat (my old first generation Fish Hawk was superior) was putting out 0.81 volts.  So I grounded the cable to the raw water spicket McGiver style for the trip.  I am strongly considering equiping Fin Warrior with a Smart Troll system in the off season and retiring the Depth Raider.  Next, after sending my wire lines down multiple times with a Fish Hawk XD using different types of divers, I determined I spooled them up this spring with way too much 30# mono leader.  So I striped that down to about 7' and improved the depth by 10 or back where my charts are useful.  Tinkering came to an end when just at dusk Janet yelled tip up and we had our first king that came on Silver Streak Frozen Seagull down 92' on the SB aft rigger.  It charged the boat from the time it hit and came in so hot we lost it under the swim platform in the attempt to net it.  As soon as that rod was back in the water the wire diver 190' back on a one set went off with a small king that we unhooked at the back of the boat.  I did not get that rod down when the newly grounded SB rigger tipped with a white dodger / white fly tipped up however the fish came unbuttoned quickly.  Did not even have time to reel in the slack when SW on the Port aft rigger down 100' with a wonderbread Brad's cut plug and herring oil errupted.  Janet played it like an expert while I neutral dropped the engine a number of times to allow line to be gained.  The fight finished with a 16' king in the boat.  Some where in that fight the white dodger & fly tipped up again but nothing on it.  Then the action came to a complete stop.  The little radio chatter seemed to indicate most boats were struggling during sun up.  I ran the old school 4 riggers and two wire divers and no long lines.  4 of the 6 lines got hit all in 135 FOW but it was strickly a sunset bite for the Fin Warrior.  Will be back out on Sunday.

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